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Increasing Cooking Magazine Subscriptions

Increasing Cooking Magazine Subscriptions

Online Advertising can Increase Cooking Magazine Subscriptions

While in New York recently I walked into Hudson News and was amazed to see all the major food and cooking magazines were half the size they were 12 – 18 months ago. All of them Gourmet, Food and Wine, Bon Appetit and Savuer were all smaller. This trend isn’t limited to just American cooking magazines, walk into any newsagent anywhere in the world and the chances are the size of the magazines are reduced.

The reason is simple, print advertising is dramatically down because of the economy and there isn’t the return on investment compared to online advertising. So the publishers of cooking magazines need to increase magazine subscriptions to survive. Sure cooking magazines can go back to past subscribers with offers to renew their favorite monthly cooking magazine, but that’s really only a smaller percentage of the total readership. The growth has to be to find new consumers to become subscribers and a great place is advertising on food blogs and recipes websites on the internet.

Gourmet Ads global advertising network allows Cooking Magazine publishers the ability to reach a new target market of possible subscribers, quickly and cost effectively. It’s all about performance and we have a variety of advertising models available to suit any budget. We can also run different campaigns concurrently to promote different cooking magazines and drive subscriptions. Add to this our advanced campaign targeting options allow you to reach new international markets quickly.

Its important to note that it isn’t just cooking magazines which would perform well in the Gourmet Ads vertical network, as the majority of our audience is female from 27 -55 any women’s magazine would also be ideal.  Our audience is highly educated and does spend on kitchen appliances, cookbooks and premium wine.

Some campaign ideas on how to Increasing Cooking Magazine Subscriptions include;

  • Value Add campaigns, i.e. Subscribe to this and get this magazine free
  • Targeted subscription campaigns aimed at international subscribers
  • Reduced annual subscriptions prices
  • 1 month trial subscriptions

If you’d like more information how Gourmet Ads can help Increasing your Cooking Magazine Subscriptions, then Contact Us.

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