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Home Cooks Want New Recipe Ideas

Home Cooks Want New Recipe Ideas

Where do consumers find New Recipe Ideas

The search for new recipe ideas that will feed a family is a constant battle for many at home cooks. Online surveys have found that there is a dedicated group of such people that look for new recipes, new products, and new ways to cook foods using a number of online sources. Studies found that this group, which is comprised primarily of people who are the primary grocery purchasers and cooks in the home, are often interested in foods and products that offer health benefits, are cost effective, and can be prepared in a reasonably fast manner. These internet users are the very audience that food advertisers are targeting, and by understanding what customers are looking for, advertisers can create marketing plans that target these needs.

The primary way that food producers and retailers can take advantage of home cooks’ search for new recipe ideas is by offering them recipes directly within advertising. While the most important tool for providing these internet users with new recipes is the internet, marketing strategies that provide new recipe ideas through in-store advertising displays, by traditional mail, or other media are also effective. For internet users, shoppers report that they are most likely to click on advertisements that offer either a coupon for a specific item or a recipe or recipes that they are interested in. Convincing a website visitor to click on a link that brings them to a food producer’s website can be a challenge, so understanding that customers are more likely to click on links that offer recipe ideas is a great way to improve the chances that a customer will visit a website.

Another way that food industry manufacturers can take advantage of this knowledge is by including a website address that offers new recipe ideas in their other advertising. This can include television or radio advertisements that direct customers to a website that offers product coupons and recipes, or adding the website address to coupons, printed ads, and in-store displays or even product packaging. As consumers are increasingly drawn to search for new recipe ideas online, making sure your customers know that you offer this information is vital.

Are you developing New Recipe Ideas for Consumers ?

The difficulty of getting consumers to read emails from manufacturers is well known. Many customers simply delete emails without reading them, even after they have signed up to receive those same emails. However, by including new recipe ideas in the email, consumers are more likely to open and read the email. Combining recipe ideas with information about new products or specials is a good way to get shoppers interested in finding out more about a product.

As manufacturers learn about the shopping, cooking, and meal preparation habits of consumers, they can target the needs of their customers. The search for new recipe ideas is an important part of the shopping process, and by providing recipes that include your products, you will be able to attract and retain more shoppers. When you design your next marketing campaign, consider including recipe ideas that will help consumers prepare foods that are nutritious and easy to create.

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