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High CTRs with Floating Ads

Over the Page Advertising

For those that don’t know, a floating ad (or Over the Page Advertising ) is a type of rich media advertisement that appears uninitiated, superimposed over a web page, then disappears after a specific time period (typically 7-15 seconds). This Beyond the Banner activity can be as simple as a static JPG through to Flash sequence or full video. Floating Ads are ideal for movie trailers or using your TV commercial assets online.

Floating Ads can be any shape or size, however we’ve been having great success with a 800×600 anchored floating ad size. This particular Floating Ad unit which is similar to an interstitial is launched through an existing IAB unit on the page, it then pushes up to a 800×600 for maximum effect. After 10 seconds the creative closes, but in the IAB unit that launched the ad, there is a left behind allowing people to click that if they didn’t click the 800×600 unit while it was running.

If you’re charged with driving traffic to your website, then we’d recommend including some sort of Floating Ad execution as part of your overall media plan. If you haven’t built a floating ad previously or don’t know where to start, Gourmet Ads can take your existing raw flash files and create the floating ad for you. We’d need a basic direction on the messaging and style guidelines, but from there our team can create it.

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