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Helping our Publishers Grow

Helping our Publishers Grow

I wanted to take a moment and talk about an initiative called the Gourmet Ads Traffic Booster program that we’re starting on the 1st of June for our network of publishers.

We’ve developed a month long program to help publishers increase the traffic to their recipe site, food blog or wine review site. Each day during June, we’ll send out an email with a simple task that publishers can do to help build their traffic. Some days we’ll be search focused; others will be focused on telling people about your site and others we’ll offer up ideas on using social media marketing to drive traffic.

We’re hoping that towards the end of the program we’ll be able to boost long term traffic in the Gourmet Ads network for advertisers. Best of all the strategies we’re helping our publishers with, will mean that we deliver more relevant audiences for you to engage with in the future.

If you’re a publisher and want to learn more visit the Gourmet Ads Traffic Booster page.


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