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Halloween Advertising Opportunities

While the Halloween season immediately brings to mind Halloween candy and pumpkins, for food advertisers, the season offers many other opportunities for increasing customers’ awareness of your product and the many ways they can use it. Halloween advertising has created some of the most memorable campaigns and the nature of the season makes it the perfect time to launch new marketing ideas including the use of characters or Halloween themed items to market your product. Digital advertising offers some of the best opportunities for Halloween based advertising campaigns, and the readers at Gourmet Ads are the ideal audience for your Halloween advertising.

For candy manufacturers, the association between their products and Halloween is obvious. However, with the large amount of competition on the market during this period, making your product stand apart from your competitors is vital to increasing sales both during and after Halloween. Since Halloween candy is a product primarily aimed at children, the use of fun Halloween characters and themed advertisements can attract both younger consumers and the parents who make purchasing decisions. The majority of Gourmet Ads audience is comprised of the primary grocery buyer in the home, who is almost always a parent. Placing a Halloween themed ad on our network can increase parental awareness of your brand as well as reinforce children’s requests for a particular type of candy. Offering ideas such as fun ways to include your candy in Halloween recipes and celebrations is a sure fire way to catch the eye of these viewers.

Not just candy for your next Halloween advertising campaign

While candy is an important part of Halloween, there are other products that can benefit as much or more. For example, a large number of adults participate in Halloween celebrations. A number of successful Halloween advertising campaigns that feature adult products such as beer and other types of alcohol have demonstrated that the fun of Halloween translates just as easily for adults as it does children. If you produce beer, wine, liquor, or any other type of product that would fit in at an adult Halloween celebration, advertising on Gourmet Ads’ network can help you reach out to adult readers who are planning or will be attending a Halloween celebration.

Like most holidays, there is an important food-based component to Halloween celebrations. Halloween foods are usually not limited to a single meal (like Thanksgiving). Gourmet Ads readers enjoy finding out about new recipe ideas that feature both new products and old favorites, and those that have a Halloween or fall theme are perfect this time of year. Businesses ranging local producers of pumpkins and other produce to companies that produce fall favorites like pies and soups can benefit by offering ideas on incorporating their products into fall meals. Halloween parties held at schools today have shifted focus from sweets and candy to healthier alternatives, and many of our readers are searching for ideas for this type of celebration. The increase in health conscious consumers has lead to market opportunities for companies who can offer lower sugar and fat alternatives for Halloween and beyond.

Whether you have created a clever new Halloween character or you want to catch the eye of adult revelers, Halloween advertising on the Gourmet Ads network will put your product in front of Halloween shoppers.

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