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Grocery Store Loyalty Programs

Grocery Store Loyalty Programs

Nearly every Grocery Retailer has their own Grocery Store Loyalty Programs

Nearly every grocery store around the globe these days has its own loyalty program. Some like Costco even charge an annual membership to be part of their loyalty program, others are free. For grocery stores the ability to offer loyalty programs offer the ability to track consumer’s shopping habits and household characteristics. This is then linked to broader “market segments” based on age, race, income level, family size and neighborhood. The real benefit of grocery store loyalty programs is the ability to determine how profitable each market segment is to the store, and to treat customers in those segments accordingly.

Key to the growth of grocery store loyalty programs is to continue sign ups of new members, especially if, like Costco there is a membership fee to be paid or if your grocery store offers a credit card as well as a loyalty card. So it’s essential for grocery stores to continually be running campaigns to drive memberships.

Advertising campaign ideas for Grocery Store Loyalty Programs include;

  • Highlight benefits of your Loyalty Program
  • Promote Loyalty Program only coupons
  • Bonus points for Loyalty Program cards only
  • Loyalty Program only discounts
  • Ability to signup online and start earning points
  • Interest free period for loyal program associated credit cards

For grocery store marketing managers and their advertising agencies, advertising for new members must be run in targeted environments. The Gourmet Ads network reaches millions of grocery buyers each month making us the logical choice for your media plans.

Here’s some information about the Gourmet Ads audience;

  • They are the primary household grocery buyer
  • They make more than 3 trips to the grocery store each month
  • They spend anywhere from $200 to over $500 a month on groceries
  • They search for food products online such as gourmet and organic

If you’re looking at running an advertising campaign to drive memberships in your Grocery Store Loyalty Programs, then Gourmet Ads reaches the target audience.

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