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Reaching Grocery Intenders Online

Salespeople in the automotive market often refer to customers who are ready to buy a car as “auto intenders.” The term describes someone who is almost certain to purchase a vehicle but who has not committed to buying a specific vehicle yet. In the grocery world, the term Grocery Intenders can be used to refer to potential shoppers who haven’t yet loaded their carts. Unlike high-dollar goods such as cars, groceries are a must have for nearly everyone. However, each time a customer leaves his or her home to purchase groceries they must first decide where they will shop and what they will buy. This decision making process provides an opportunity for retailers to influence the shopping decisions of the so-called Grocery Intenders.

When an “auto intender” enters the lot, the salesman doesn’t need to convince that shopper to buy a car; instead, the salesman has to convince the shopper to buy the car he is selling at that car dealership. It is the same with grocery buyers – customers already know that they are going to buy groceries; they just need a reason to buy what you want to sell them from your grocery store. This is where advertising aimed at the target market makes a difference, even before they’ve gone to the store. Brands need to influence them and encourage them to write your brand on their shopping list opposed to a generic name. Gourmet Ads can help influence grocery buyers online when they are making meal decisions. Providing recipes and meal ideas on your website is one way to help shoppers make the decision to buy new products.

Is your brand talking to Grocery Intenders before they go to the supermarket?

While grocery buyers are unlikely to need detailed information about every product in the store, is the staff in store ready and willing to help shoppers find your brand. Will they recommend a competitor? Even better, consider hosting in-store cooking classes that will make customers into educated buyers.

The final thing that you will need to sell to “grocery intenders” is the groceries themselves. Even before a grocery buyer enters the store, the best way to appeal to “grocery intenders” is to know as much as you can about them before they enter the store. The Gourmet Ads audience of consumers is as some would say, dedicated “foodies”, and most are homeowners, parents, and are the main food preparers in the home. These shoppers are also highly likely to research online before they ever come into a store, and many have a good idea of what they want before they ever begin shopping.

The goal of your advertising should be to attract new customers and encourage them to buy products they have not tried before. In order to do this, turn to Gourmet Ads to help you design marketing plans that can reach Grocery Intenders online.

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