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Grocery Buyers make Travel Plans

Grocery Buyers make Travel Plans

Grocery Buyers make decisions about where the Family goes on Vacation

In households all over America, the Main Household Grocery Buyer makes a range of decisions in the grocery store from what foods to purchase through to dish washing detergent.

But apart from that, Grocery Buyers also makes decisions about where the family should go on vacation. Researching and booking a holiday can be a very time consuming process and competes with other work and household activities.

As such, it’s fair to say that Grocery Buyers also;

  • Determines household travel budget
  • Has available time to explore and look into destinations
  • Uses the internet to research travel destinations
  • Visits travel agents for destination information
  • Influences travel decisions
  • Makes the travel reservations

So reaching the Main Grocery Buyer is essential for Tourism Bodies, Airlines, Hotels, Resorts, Car rental companies and other travel related companies to connect with. By engaging with consumers while they are researching recipes and developing their supermarket shopping list offers a significant and unique opportunity to capture the attention of the Main Grocery Buyer. While in the Mall shopping they are likely to visit a travel agent.

If you market or advertise a travel product or destination and wish to reduce your CPM rates and expand your reach outside of the usual travel space, then Gourmet Ads can develop a media plan to reach our audience of travel intenders, which we refer to as Grocery Buyers.

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