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Grocery Advertising

Grocery Advertising is about reaching the Main Grocery Buyer

Grocery Advertising online is about reaching the Main Grocery Buyer ( or Mr Household Grocery Buyer) when they are in the decision making phase. Running grocery advertising for your grocery store next to recipes where the main household grocery buyer is researching food ideas and making critical family meal planning is the key for any grocery advertising campaign.

In the past, grocery stores used newspapers, television, radio and magazines to advertise their grocery stores and weekly specials. The previous focus was on mass branding, now it’s much more about spending advertising budgets more efficiently in order to reach the right person in the household, opposed to everyone in the household which is what you get with mass brand advertising.

From our perspective more and more Grocery Stores are shifting their grocery advertising budgets to online networks such as Gourmet Ads. This shift in moving grocery advertising budgets to online has been fueled by a combination of key reasons, such as;

  • Cost efficiencies offered by online
  • Ability to target on a Geo Targeting basis from national right down to Zip Code
  • DayPart Targeting – advertise throughout the day and evening
  • Rich media opportunities that online presents

What kind of Grocery Advertising is being undertaken ?

Well it varies greatly from grocery brand to grocery brand. Large national grocery brands usually have their own grocery advertising budgets, plus Co-op advertising budgets which means that can run wide reaching and impactful campaigns online. However smaller, more regional grocery brands will tend to rely heavily on geo targeting to only reach local customers. Some of the grocery advertising we’re running includes;

So if you’re grocery store isn’t running grocery advertising online, now is the time to start with more and more consumers online it makes sense to allocate a proposition of your budget to online. By running grocery advertising with Gourmet Ads you’re reaching a network dedicated to reaching the household grocery buyer.

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Gourmet Ads is a food advertising network which helps brands reach the grocery buyer online through premium and high visibility ad solutions on a CPM basis.


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