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Reaching your Target Audience with Grilling Advertising on Gourmet Ads

In North America and Canada this year’s grilling season is fast approaching. In other words it’s time for retailers to step up advertising to capture some of the demand in the market place. The kickoff date for your Grilling Advertising should commence before or around memorial day, so now is the time to develop your grilling advertising strategy, advertising creative and reserve your media placements.

From our experience so many companies have their own secret BBQ ingredient. No matter if it’s a secret marinate, a unique smoking chip or even the BBQ itself, the wider consumer market won’t know about it if you don’t run Grilling Advertising to market it.

So what companies have the greatest to benefit by running Grilling Advertising ?

  • Supermarket / Grocery Stores
  • Specialty BBQ stores
  • BBQ manufactures
  • Online steak and seafood retailers
  • Butchers and butcher warehouses
  • BBQ sauce companies
  • Cedar Plank / Pecan plank companies
  • Wood smoking companies
  • BBQ Equipment Manufacturers
  • Party products like Disposable Plates, Cups and Cutlery

We find that companies who commence their Grilling Advertising before Memorial Day (around the middle of May) and run through to the end of August achieve the best results. For companies looking at running over a period of 4 months should really consider developing different types of advertising creative, thus increasing the engagement and click through rates.

When running a campaign with Gourmet Ads, your advertising will run on recipe and food sites where the main household grocery buyers is researching recipes and making meal decisions. This means with your Grilling Advertising you’re reaching the person in the household who puts products in the shopping trolley.

If you’d like more information about Gourmet Ads and how we can help with your Grilling Advertising to advertise your grilling or BBQ products this summer grilling season, then contact us.

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