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Green Monday Advertising

Green Monday Advertising

Is Green Monday Advertising Part of your Media Mix ?

Like the catchy nicknamed Cyber Monday, Green Monday is another Christmas shopping day that has been given a catchy nickname. Green Monday is traditionally the 2nd Monday of December and is regarded by the online retail industry as the heaviest online spending day of the season. The term was apparently coined by eBay to describe their best sales day in December. As a guide Green Monday is the last day in which online shoppers can still lock in free-shipping deals in time for Christmas.

Like Cyber Monday, Green Monday is all about online sales, compared to Bricks and Motor selling days like Black Friday. To some Green Monday is also known as Cyber Monday 2 because it can drive a very high volume of online sales.

With so much emphasis on driving sales it’s essential to have a Green Monday Advertising strategy which delivers relevant traffic and moist importantly consumers. The most successful Green Monday Advertising campaigns are those that reach target consumers, engage with them and create a relationship well before they make a purchase. Often it is price driven or discount offered based advertising, so if that’s the case then your creative needs to include these in the messaging.

Because the Gourmet Ads network features an audience of grocery buyers and household decision makers it’s essential to ensure that we are part of your Green Monday Advertising media mix. Some of the ways to make your Green Monday Advertising stand out from competitors on the Gourmet Ads network include;

  • 2 Full Day Roadblock Advertising – every single impression across Gourmet Ads is yours for the Sunday and Monday.
  • Over the Page Campaign – every single person who across Gourmet Ads would see a Over the Page ad, usually a 800×600 which is delivered over the top of the content
  • Pre Roll Roadblock – every pre roll and 300×250 companion ad for the day is yours

Given the huge numbers of consumers at their computer with credit card in hand, any online retailer or ecommerce store can benefit from Green Monday Advertising.

If you haven’t already booked your Green Monday Advertising, then don’t delay, as Gourmet Ads often books up in Q4 each year.


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