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Gourmet Ads Ranks Top 10 in Pixalate GSTI


For the fifth month in a row, Gourmet Ads appears in the top 15 of Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index™. Amidst the addition of Malware Risk Exposure™ and Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Verticals, Gourmet Ads comes in at number 8 in the ranking overall, and third in the food and beverage vertical. The enhancements to the Index, made in the wake of growing cybersecurity concerns across the industry, allow media buyers to objectively measure inventory quality and security risk of sellers.

“Trust in advertising cannot be restored without first addressing the cybersecurity risks it poses to enterprises and consumers. To address this ever-growing problem, The Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index now offers media buyers and publishers an objective security assessment of programmatic sellers in order to ensure consumer and brand safety,” said Jalal Nasir, CEO, Pixalate.

sovrn_Top5Pixalate’s new analysis revealed that more than 70 percent of sellers are exposed to malware-driven ad fraud, and one in 20 Internet users were infected. The monthly Pixalate GSTI™ is based on an analysis of 100 billion ad impressions, 350 million IP addresses and more than 400 programmatic sellers.

“Gourmet Ads has made it a priority to employ the latest technology and vetting tactics to expose and remove fraudulent sites from our network. We’re proud to appear at number 8 in the GSTI ranking as it recognizes our efforts to provide our buyers the best inventory possible,” comments Gourmet Ads President and Founder, Benjamin Christie.

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