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Gourmet Ads Marketplace Update

Gourmet Ads Marketplace our Private Ad Exchange

Gourmet Ads Marketplace Continues to Grow

Since launching the Gourmet Ads Marketplace back in early November we’ve had a positive response from existing clients and as well as new clients choosing to buy media in our private ad exchange. We now have 7 companies buying each day on our private ad exchange and it continues to grow each week.

From a client perspective, one of the biggest advantages for advertisers and their agencies is the ability to use their own 1st party data when buying in the exchange. In other words advertisers can buy the impressions they want (using their own data) opposed to buying impressions they don’t want. An example of this is best illustrated with ecommerce sites that want to target a particular consumer which may have added items to their shopping cart, but left without making a purchase.

More Buyers and More Quality Inventory in the Gourmet Ads Marketplace

From our perspective, the greatest advantage of the Gourmet Ads Marketplace has been the ability to grow our inventory. As such we’ve a solid recruitment program in place currently to achieve our desired growth trajectory for our audience of grocery buyers.

Finally as 2012 rolls around, we’ll be opening up the Gourmet Ads Marketplace in Australia, Canada and the UK. So if you are interested in becoming a buyer on our private ad exchange, the Gourmet Ads Marketplace in any of these markets, then please Contact Us for information and CPM pricing.


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