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Google Adwords vs Gourmet Ads

Google Adwords vs Gourmet Ads

Google Adwords or Display Advertising ?

Many around the world are familiar with the Google Adwords program either as an advertiser or as a visitor to a website. You know them because they are the ugly text links you see on sites. What most advertisers and marketing managers’ don’t realize is that Google Adwords is actually a remnant advertising network made up of millions of sites, many of which are not even relevant to your brand or product. With Google Adwords you have no idea where your ads will appear, unlike Gourmet Ads which is totally transparent right down to the individual ad unit on a website or blog.

Now compare this to Gourmet Ads which is a premium advertising network of quality websites and blogs each hand picked for inclusion into our network. Unlike Google Adwords we regularly reject publishers that apply to become publishers with us simply because they don’t make the grade. We look for quality, original content, visually engaging, established traffic and dedicated audience for starters plus much more. Unlike Google Adwords, Gourmet Ads has strict selection criteria for publishers, see here.

Publishers are very proud of their websites and blogs they develop, and because of this many won’t use Google Ads as they are considered ugly. Apart from having ugly textual ads, many quality publishers won’t use Google Adwords because the advertising revenue is so low. As we treat every publisher as a partner, our goal is to help them to create more of the great content they do.

A great deal of our publishers in the Gourmet Ads network have never run advertising before, as such much of the Gourmet Ads inventory was previously unavailable to advertisers and marketing managers. Add to this many Gourmet Ads advertisers are now using Behavioral Targeting as part of their campaigns, targeting users by their previous user actions or simply running ads to users who have seen your ads previously or been to your website.

Unlike Google Adwords, Gourmet Ads has strict selection criteria for publishers

Finally, unless you’re spending millions of dollars with Google Adwords each month it’s very unlikely you’ll have personal service, let alone account managers who’ll help customise and optimize your campaigns.

So if you are looking for an alternative platform to Google Adwords, Gourmet Ads will work with you closely to develop your advertising campaign to reach your target audience on our network of great publishers.


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