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Global Media Buying

Global Media Buying through Gourmet Ads

For today’s multinational companies,  implementing a global media buying process is just part of doing business. Finding trusted advertising vendors around the world is the next challenge, then you have multiple partners to manage. That’s why Gourmet Ads has simplified the process of global media buying, offering you one-stop-shopping for running digital advertising campaigns around the world. If you’re tasked with reaching the grocery buyer around the globe, then we can help.

Gourmet Ads works with food bloggers, cooking sites and recipe portals (as well as our owned properties) around the world to create a global media network. The benefit of our network is that we understand our customers, and we understand the needs of the companies that advertise with us. Global media buying with Gourmet Ads allows you to continue marketing to a targeted audience that is interested in the same items that you are selling. Our network reaches across continents to appeal to consumers interested in food, entertaining, and caring for their home. And in many ways, few things are more universal than the love of good food.  While cuisines may vary from country to country, the search for delicious food that will feed a family is something that most customers can relate to. That’s why even non-food manufacturers have chosen to use Gourmet Ads for global media buying. Industries ranging from health and beauty to appliance manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies have paired up with Gourmet Ads to help launch their online marketing campaigns.

Receive increased efficiencies when undertaking Global Media Buying

Business, no matter what industry you are in, has grown increasingly competitive. The internet has created the ability for even very small companies to have an international presence, and the differentiators is online advertising. Customers who are browsing online are often unable to tell which companies have a large physical presence and which ones operate out of little more than a basement, which is why building your brand name through global media buying efforts is more important than ever.

For businesses who have or are planning to launch a global marketing campaign, Gourmet Ads allows you to leverage the strength of a single media partner for an around the world campaign. When it comes to global media buying, you would have to hire a team of marketing experts to provide what Gourmet Ads can offer you right away.  Not only do we have an established network of sites on which to advertise your product, we have already done the research it takes to understand our audience. Companies of all sizes can take advantage of the benefits of global media buying under the Gourmet Ads umbrella by allowing us to place your ad on our multinational suite of sites. Not only will this get your product in front of viewers in countries where you plan to market your product, it will also allow you to enter the world wide market place more quickly than traditional media buying techniques. Talk to our team to find out how we can help market your product to a world wide audience thanks to our global media buying capabilities.

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