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Getting Products in Supermarkets

Getting Products in Supermarkets

For many food companies getting your products onto supermarket shelves can mean significant sales and revenue. But the barriers to entry are usually high, with companies having to go through the hoops to make it happen, then you’ve got the slot fees that supermarkets demand. It can be a tough and costly task.

Food companies eager to get listed with supermarkets are regularly asked “what is your marketing plan to drive sales once it’s on the shelves”. This is ok for large food companies, but for small to medium sized food companies who solely concentrate on producing a quality product, a marketing plan is something that challenges them.

This is where Gourmet Ads can help. We’ll develop a digital media plan which can be presented to supermarkets to support your product. Your campaign would run on our vast network of food websites and would involve creative indicating that your product is now available in a particular supermarket or grocery store. We can also geo target your ads so they appear at nearby supermarkets.

Things we can do to create brand awareness quickly are advertising techniques such as;

  • Over the Page
  • Site sponsorships
  • Road blocking
  • Interstitial ads
  • Expanding ad units

Finally, supermarkets won’t just want to see activity that will get short term sales. They’ll want to see a path to long term sales. Remember if the product doesn’t perform after the initial launch the supermarket won’t hesitate dropping your product and replacing it with a competitors products. You have to have a plan to keep your products on the shelves and generating sales.

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