Food Advertising

From Magazine to Online

Earlier this year, I visited Gary Vaynerchuk host of Wine Library TV in New Jersey and we recorded a video about Australian Wines – see our video here. Since then I regularly watch his videos and today at (his other video site) I stumbled upon a video where Gary is discussing the recent demise of Gourmet Magazine.

Gary asks the question why companies are advertising on magazines when the audience has not transitioned to online. He asks where they are going to advertise now ? This video by Gary is extremely relevant to our audience which why I felt it was important to share with you.

Here at Gourmet Ads we can not only provide reach into food blogs and online food communities but most importantly on recipe websites where the household grocery buyer spends time online.

If you previously had budget for magazine spending but don’t know where to put it, contact us and we’ll develop a online media plan which will give you a far better return on investment than print.


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