Food Advertising

Free Advertising

Free Advertising

Everyone loves free advertising, but Gourmet Ads isn’t giving away free advertising.

What we’re offering to registered charities is a bonus for any campaigns they book with us. For example if the charity books 10 million impressions with us we’ll triple it and give them 30 million impressions. That’s 20 million free advertising impressions (sometimes referred to in the advertising industry as bonus impressions).

Gourmet Ads will always look after charities in terms of our rates but we wanted to go that extra step and try and make a difference. To qualify for the free advertising, the charity must be food related and be aimed at helping someone in the world have a meal today. There is nothing worse than being hungry and given the recent economic crisis there are more people than ever going without.

As we are restricting our free advertising initiative to just food related charities, we believe that the advertising campaigns will perform above average. This is because we have an audience of foodies who are passionate about food. Our aim is to really drive some donations for the charities and let them make a difference.

There’s some great food related charities out there that do a fantastic job like;

Plus dozens of other charities around the world that we don’t know about. To qualify for free advertising with Gourmet Ads you need to;

  • Be a food related charity that helps someone have a meal
  • Must be government registered charity in your country
  • Must book some sort of paid campaign with Gourmet Ads

So, if you look after the marketing or advertising for a food charity or know someone that does, please tell them about our Free Advertising initiative.


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