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Gain Benefits from linking to FourSquare in your Advertising

FourSquare, the first commercially successful geolocation based social tool, is one of the few advertising concepts that is almost universally understood by businesses. By placing links to FourSquare in your advertising it allows people to “check in”- that is, to report where they are to people in their network.  When users check in, FourSquare responds by sending offers from local businesses. For companies that have a brick and mortar location, FourSquare Advertising creates one of the most highly targeted marketing tools on the market. Businesses get new customers, customers get great deals in an area where they are already shopping and spending time.

Businesses that haven’t already taken advantage of FourSquare in their marketing should consider how adding links to their FourSquare profile can benefit their business. After all, customers love relevant advertising- they sign up for emails from their favorite stores and brands, look for coupons in the Sunday newspaper, and jump on discounts offered by group buying sites. When advertising is relevant to a customer, customers pay attention. FourSquare’s unique combination of social media and traditional advertising has become the “intersection” between digital and real life, and FourSquare allows companies to interact with users, particularly regular users.

To start marketing your business on FourSquare, you must first claim your business. Once you are done, recruit your customers to being using FourSquare. The next step is to start taking advantage of what FourSquare has to offer in terms of attracting customers – you’ll need to come up with specials that will make customers want to come into your business. The benefits of using FourSquare as part of your online marketing efforts are easy to see.

Engage with consumers on FourSquare, by adding your profile into your Advertising.

So which businesses is the best match for FourSquare? Any place where people shop and gather can benefit from using FourSquare advertising. If you have a location that has an unusual or special feature, such as a local winery or tourist destination, you can spread the word to potential customers through FourSquare by using a “tip” to attract visitors. Supermarkets and restaurants can draw customers away from local competitors simply by advertising a special that will catch the eye of shoppers. Hotels that are in popular areas near tourist destinations send out notifications of last-minute specials to catch visitors as they enjoy the local sights. No matter how you choose to attract customers using FourSquare, it is an effective marketing tool that won’t cost a fortune to use.

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