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Forget Advertising on TV

Forget Advertising on TV

Even in this day and age, many advertisers and their advertising agencies they are still buying advertising on TV, even when devices like TIVO remove the ads. The fact is that many demographics are reducing the amount of TV they are consuming, yet the time they are spending online is increasing. So with the targeting options available it’s time to start allocating part of your TV Commercial budgets to online.

When it comes to targeting, the options between TV and Online are very different. A TV show can only really target geographically, i.e. they run the advertising in a DMA as such. Whereas with Video Advertising Online we can target both the demographic (ie household grocery buyer, women, 27-55) as well as target using Geo Targeting from International and National right down to the DMA or Zip. We can also target by Household Income, Children in the Household as well as several other options. Sure you’re reducing the number of people that see your ads, but they are your target audience, opposed to the “available” audience on TV.

Then there is the metrics such as views and click thoughts. With TV there isn’t any metrics at all. So for advertisers wanting to measure their branding campaigns with the number of impressions vs clicks, online is the only option.

So if your goal is to reach grocery buyers and advertise to them to buy your product, then the best way to target your audience is though Pre Roll Video and display advertising through Gourmet Ads.

With Gourmet Ads Video Advertising, we can deliver your message and brand to our audience. Across our platform we can run simple 15 second pre roll, through to 30 second pre roll, mid roll and post roll with 300×250 Companions.

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