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Food Pyramid Advertising

Are you referencing the Food Pyramid in your Food Advertising?

Many of us remember the US government Food Pyramid from our school days, and food retailers and manufacturers have attempted to educate consumers on the ways that their products can be included in a healthy lifestyle. In 2011, the government released an updated version of the Food Pyramid that reflects our new understanding of how food effects our overall health. But the truth is that consumers still haven’t gotten the message – the number of overweight adults is growing more quickly than ever, and despite their efforts to eat healthier, many consumers still aren’t sure what foods they can include in their diet to help keep weight off while getting the nutrition they need.

For companies that are in the business of food manufacturing and retailing, studying what consumers buy and how they include it in their diets is part of the job. But despite efforts by the government and many food companies to educate consumers, many aren’t catching on to what they should be eating. While this seems like a grim situation for food marketers, it has actually created an opportunity to help consumers live healthier while fattening your bottom line.

Research shows that consumers know what they know about foods primarily due to the marketing efforts of manufacturers. For example, many customers believe that whole grains are a healthy addition to their diet after seeing advertisements that tell them about adding healthy whole grains to their diets. Consumers are also heavily influenced by the people in their networks, and for many consumers, those networks are primarily found online. The primary food preparers in most families spend a lot of time searching online to find new meal ideas and learn about food- and many of them research the latest food trends whether that is organic products, gluten-free items, or anything else. Which is why the Food Pyramid is important.

Its important to use nutritional info from the government food pyramid in your marketing

That’s why creating advertisements that feature nutritional information based on the government food pyramid and displaying them on sites that consumers already visit is an important opportunity for food manufacturers. Since many consumers get their information about healthy eating from the sites they visit, manufacturers can appeal to their desire to eat healthier.

The movement today is toward food that is grown naturally, and ads that reflect the growing process of your foods are likely to catch the eye of shoppers. One idea, used very successfully by a client who produces and sells free-range, organic eggs is to display rich media ads that display why your food is so healthy. Interactive media ads that demonstrate how your product meets the requirements of a healthy diet are another great idea. You can even advertise to customers by educating them about the elements of the food pyramid and how your healthy foods compliment that lifestyle.

Shoppers are looking for products that help them live a healthy lifestyle, but they often aren’t aware of the many ways that they can eat healthier and follow the guidelines set forth in the food pyramid. Advertising to online shoppers using the Food Pyramid is the perfect way to appeal to customers hoping to live a healthier lifestyle and create more nutritious meals for their families.

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