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Food Marketing Concepts

Food Marketing Concepts

Effective food marketing leads to sales

An effective advertising campaign for a food product should encompass traditional advertising media as well as digital advertising methods. A variety of food marketing concepts therefore need to be employed in order to increase brand awareness and see an increase in sales.

Types of traditional media that might be found in advertising campaigns might include:

Newspapers and Magazines – Your adverts can be dotted in and amongst the articles and images, and can reach people on a daily or monthly basis. Each issue will have its own set of allotted advertising spaces, usually selected for relevance to the audience. For example a food magazine might advertise food products, drinks, discounts or restaurant vouchers.

Local TV – Television adverts that are directed at local consumers, or local TV shows themselves often use advertising. A local cookery programme might use your product in a recipe (a great way of seeing your product being used) or your ad may appear in commercial breaks. Either way, your brand and products are gaining vital exposure to potential local customers.

Local radio – Radio advertising has the ability to reach people at all times and in all places. Whether it is in the car on the way to work, in a local shop, or at work and just on in the background, radio can reach vast amounts of people. Even though adverts may not sink in straight away, if they are heard enough times, customers will start to gain awareness of your brand and perhaps buy your products because of it!

Although local media including local event marketing campaigns make great food marketing concepts for small businesses, larger brands can target customers on a national scale. National advertising campaigns may use the same types of media such as print, TV and radio, but using these advertising methods for a long time can be time consuming and expensive. To reduce advertising costs, both small and large companies should use digital advertising to reach customers and let them know about their brand.

Digital advertising is one of the most effective food marketing concepts today

Amongst the food marketing concepts, digital advertising is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to new consumers. Digital advertising can not only be used for food product ads, but also as a way of advertising loyalty programs involving those particular food products and seasonal special offers etc.

Using a digital media platform such as Gourmet Ads to help you advertise your brand is one of the food marketing concepts that can help you create very strong and effective advertising campaigns for your brand. Using targeting and analytics, Gourmet Ads can ensure your ads are reaching the right people, thus ensuring a cost effective and successful ad campaign and effective food marketing for your brand.

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