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Food Bloggers are Sneezers

Food Bloggers are Sneezers

Renowned internet marketing guru, Seth Godin, coined the term “sneezers” in his book titled, “Unleashing the Ideavirus”. Seth’s concept is that some people are “sneezers” or people who are very likely to spread your idea and cause it to “go viral”. Certainly everyone has heard of and seen the effects of an idea or concept “going viral” on the internet. If you are a food product manufacturer your best sneezers are going to be food bloggers, so it makes sense to advertise there.

In Seth’s book he talks about the fact that sneezers are only effective if they have influence over a group of consumers. Most food bloggers have a dedicated audience of food lovers, aka consumers who are likely to buy your product, and this can make them a powerful force in getting your product to go viral. Imagine the power that a viral marketing effort like this can have on your business. This is like throwing a pebble into the water and watching the ripple effect go on and on until it has affected the entire pond.

Gourmet Ads has the ability to place your product and advertising on the food blogs we represent. One good food blog about your product could have a lasting effect on the marketplace as consumers spread the virus (product idea) to one another. Often this might be done with a new recipe containing your food item, a new product launch or even a great promotion you are running.

Food bloggers usually have a great deal of influence over their audience and they know how to create excitement about anything food related. Their audience of food lovers creates a highly targeted group of consumers that are extremely likely to “spread the virus” and get the word out about your product or promotion which can have an incredible impact on your sales.

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