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Food Advertising Tricks

Food Advertising Tricks

Food Stylists are the Masters of Food Advertising Tricks

Anyone who has ever opened a cookbook or looked at advertisements featuring beautifully cooked pastries, entrees, and fresh fruits and veggies may wonder how they can get their culinary creations to look as great. Behind those perfect looking meals, there are a few food advertising tricks that anyone in the business of marketing food should know. Before your next food photo shoot, it is worth spending a few minutes understanding how “food stylists” create those melt-in-your mouth dishes.

The first of several food advertising tricks that can take your product photos from OK to fabulous is to actually hire a food stylist. These professionals are a little like the technicians from one of those extreme makeover shows- they can keep ice cream from melting, meat from looking dried out, and bread from getting soggy. Simply speaking, their job is to make food look good simply by making the best of what is already there. While food stylists have a number of inside techniques that they use to get these results, the great looking food you see on television and in print is real food- it’s just real food at its best.

Another one of the food advertising tricks that will help your products look their best is to hire a photographer with a background in food. Understanding the chemistry behind food and knowing what properly prepared food should look like will help your photographer create the best possible results. While the goal of food advertising is to help food look its best, it should also look natural and not “overdone”. Simple food advertising tricks such as browning meat to perfection with a blow torch are used to make food appear to have been perfectly prepared without creating the look of “fake food.” A photographer who has an understanding of food will better be able to determine the set, lighting, and other factors that will make your food photo shoot successful.

There are three different type of food photography, and depending on the product you sell, you may use a single one or a combination of the three. Packaging photography is one of the most technical types of food photography, and is designed to show food at its best for the purposes of being placed on the food packaging. Advertising food photography is the other side of the coin. This type of food photography is designed to create specific images for advertising purposes, and food advertising tricks are employed heavily to ensure that food looks the way that the art director wants it to. The final type of food photography is editorial photography, which is designed simply to create beautiful pictures of food and doesn’t employ as many food advertising tricks.

Food Advertising Tricks are no more deceptive than a Model wearing makeup.

When you are creating food advertisements for your product, you should keep in mind what you want people to think of when they see advertisements or packaging that contain pictures of your food. While some people may consider food photography tricks as being dishonest, it is no more deceptive than a model who wears makeup to a photo shoot. Ensuring that your products look as delicious as they taste will improve the way that viewers react to your food, which is what food advertising is all about.

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