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Food Advertising Strategies

Food Advertising Strategies

Developing Food Advertising Strategies for your Brand

Advertising food products is one of the oldest forms of advertising – chances are you can remember some food advertisements from your childhood, and if you ask your parents, they’ll remember some too. Even with the growing importance of digital advertising, food advertising strategies remain much the same. Although we rarely develop Food Advertising Strategies for brands, Gourmet Ads concentrates on placing advertising creative on food and recipe websites.

Commonly used Food Advertising Strategies

If you are considering food advertising strategies for your brand, think about using at least a few of the following:

  • It’s Perfect for your Family – While the requirements for this type of advertising have changed slightly, offering a product that is perfect for families is still one of the most often used and most successful food advertising strategies. Advertise that your product is healthy, convenient, and part of a family meal, and consumers will listen.
  • It’s Fun! – Similar to the perfect for family strategy, advertising that your product is fun appeals more to children, but has a touch of adult interest. If you can sell a product that is fun for kids to eat but still nutritious, you’ll have an instant audience of mothers and children.
  • It’s Exciting! – Sports drink manufacturers develop some of the best examples of food advertising strategies. They advertise that a product is enjoyed in a fun environment with fun people, and they often attract younger customers who are looking for something that is enjoyable to eat or drink.
  • It’s a Star’s Favorite! – Endorsements by celebrities and sports stars are still an effective way to bring attention to your product. Food advertising strategies often target younger audiences, and this method in particular is highly effective. You can also consider adding the star’s face to the product packaging to get more bang for your buck.
  • It’s a Fact! – Giving your customers facts about the benefits of your product can be another highly effective strategy. You can tell customers about the health benefits of calcium in yogurt, the immune benefits of vitamin C in orange juice, or the benefits of fiber in bread. This food advertising strategy appeals to older customers and those who are looking for health-conscious foods.
  • It’s Sweet! – Not the sugary kind of sweet maybe, but it’s one of those things you can enjoy with someone special.  Think of everything from commercials featuring a father and son to those about a couple.  Food advertising strategies that tug the heartstrings are some of the most memorable campaigns.
  • It Sounds Great! – Catchy jingles and other sound effects can be some of the most memorable ways to promote a product.  You can probably think of several food product jingles that you sing even when you’re not eating- this type of food advertising is music to your customers ears.
  • It’s Cartoony! Food advertising strategies that feature a cartoon character are another kid-friendly favorite. Whether it is one that is designed specifically for your product (think about the Trix Bunny or Count Chocula) or an existing kid favorite, commercial characters are great at doing the advertising leg work for you.
  • It’s Cool! Promoting a product as being the type of think eaten by “cool” people can work with everyone from children and teens to adults. Food advertising strategies that aim to catch the eye of teens by suggesting that their product is “cool” are often perfect for products such as soft drinks, candy and gum, and chips or snack items.

Gourmet Ads often works with creative advertising agencies who are very experienced at developing Food Advertising Strategies for brands. They can do everything on the creative / strategy side from the key message, packaging, to instore through to digital food advertising. As such if you’re looking at creating Food Advertising Strategies, please contact us and we’ll provide an introduction.

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