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FMCG Advertising Online Targets Your Specific Audience

For many years FMCG advertising online was virtually non-existent because these products could rely on a combination of print and media ads coupled with in-store promotions to create brand awareness and maintain their market share. But, with so many supermarkets selling their own private labels (house brands) that compete with the top name brands, they are less likely to give fair advertising space in-store for these products. These days, FMCG advertising online helps products like toothpaste, breakfast cereal and dishwasher detergent find alternative ways of branding their products. Highly targeted ads that appear next to recipes are a great way to get a message out to the person who does the majority of the grocery shopping in a home.

With FMCG advertising online the ads can really focus in on the people most likely to buy particular products. For instance, turkey cooking bags can appear next to recipes for roasting the perfect turkey. A toothpaste that fights tooth stains might do well next to a recipe for blueberry pie or cranberry sauce. And since everything that is cooked means dishes to do, dishwasher detergent can be placed next to just about any recipe with great results.

FMCG advertising online helps products like toothpaste, breakfast cereal and detergent

The reality in this day and age is that if a product isn’t online it almost doesn’t exist in the minds of most consumers. Smart placement of FMCG advertising online where people in the target market are most likely to see it, can have a strong influence on the brand a customer chooses when they walk into a store and are faced with the choice of a brand name or the house brand.

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