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Successful Facebook foods and drinks pages are on a rise

Social media sites are becoming a popular advertising medium for brands and over the past few years there has been an appearance of some very successful Facebook Foods and drinks pages. Facebook is the top “most visited” site on the web, so placing a page about your food and drink brand on the site is a great way to reach more than just your local customers – in fact, you can reach out to over 500 million people.

Facebook is a pioneer in the social media advertising world, and with food and drink Facebook pages in their set format, the popular social media site is truly leading the way in terms of advertising pages.

Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are just a few of the most popular social networking sites which have shown a huge increase in uses of ads on their sites. Although Gourmet Ads doesn’t do social networking, we are always looking at grocery brands that have a great social media presence.

  • Pillsbury – A dough and pastry company, Pillsbury use bright colours and great social interaction with their consumers to establish a warm and friendly connection. Packaging decisions are also put to their Facebook fans too!
  • Tillamook Cheese – The company uses polls and regular posts to connect with their customers. Photos of them promoting themselves in different locations also presents a positive and friendly image for other potential consumers.
  • Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry – To entice audiences, exclusive recipes and cooking tips are offered once a Facebook user likes the page. This establishes a bond between brand and Facebooker, and is an ideal way of creating an interest with wider audiences.
  • Heinz Ketchup – Heinz ketchup is such a well established brand and product that it is often tagged in photos on Facebook, making it appear as more of a “friend based” product than many of the other items on the site. Heinz also uses QR codes to direct consumers to their Facebook page from their product packaging.
  • Philadelphia – “Love my Philly” are using Facebook to connect with customers and get reviews on new products, as well as handing out recipe ideas, interacting with consumers and taking on a friendly approach to answering customer questions.

 Facebook foods pages lead to buyer engagement with the brand

Colourful images add appeal to any food and drinks Facebook pages, as well as vibrant and bold writing. The brands above don’t clutter their pages with too much information, but usually use different tabs for different section of their pages. For example, users are able to view Tillamook Cheese’ Wall, Info, Friend Activity, Queso Recipe and Questions using their tab system which makes their whole page much easier to navigate and simpler to use.

Simple food and drinks Facebook pages usually prove to be the most effective and are ideal for targeting your audiences. Finally, Facebook Fan pages are great for landing pages for your ad campaigns run on Gourmet Ads. Facebook foods pages also allow you to directly communicate with potential consumers as well as existing consumers and can be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

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