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Expandable Ad Units

Expandable Ad Units

Advertisers and particularly advertising agencies are always looking at techniques to engage with an audience online and showcase their brand. One such way is via Expandable Ad Units. Expandable Ad Units do as they suggest; they expand outside of their usual size and spread over the top of the page content, either by auto expand, on click or rollover. Audio and video need to be initiated users directly. Gourmet Ads now offers Expandable Ad Units on all 3 creative sizes, which are 300×250, 728×90 and 160×600.

One of the great things about Expandable Ad Units is the ability to include video not only in the initial load, but in the expand offering a rich experience to audiences. Add to this the increase in real estate allows you to add more features than you’d normally include in an ad unit. Some of the expanding ad units we’ve run are very “widget like” allowing users to interact with them more. You could also collect data from the user, or offer a print out – all done in the ad unit.

In our experience, Expandable Ad Units vastly out perform regular creative by at least 30% campaign to campaign. This because the campaign is visually appealing to the audience, encouraging them to engage with the campaign directly. Combine both Expandable Ad Units and regular display ads together in a road blocking campaign and you’ll have the same sort of reach that TV achieves.

So how could you as the advertiser use Expandable Ad Units on the Gourmet Ads network?

Easy, here are a few quick ideas;

  • Showcase a product in a recipe with video and techniques
  • Show a map of your all of your stores
  • Celebrity Chef using your products via a video
  • New wine release with a video from the wine maker
  • Food and Wine pairing
  • Movie Trailer
  • New Car Release

If you’re looking at undertaking an advertising campaign and need to make an impact, consider using Expandable Ad Units.

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