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Editorially Selected Sites

Editorially Selected Sites

Nearly every advertising network on the internet especially the likes of Google Adwords and hundreds others have no idea of the sites in their network. This means that when you advertise through one of these networks you have no idea where your ad will appear. It’s referred to in the industry as blind buying. See a recent blog we wrote called We’re Not a Blind Media Buy.

Gourmet Ads is very different. Our network is made up of a combination of premium sites together with blogs and video sites and we use a human algorithm to determine if they are suitable, ie one of Gourmet Ads team scours over the sites that apply. Each site is thoroughly assessed during the application period in regards to their editorial style, look, feel, branding, positioning, and content. Lastly we look at that their suitability for running advertising. Some sites might have great content but if they may not be suitable for advertisers. An example of this is a site which doesn’t have any ad positions above the fold. Of all the sites that apply the fact is that we reject about 65-70%, mostly because they aren’t even closely related to any of our verticals.

By having strict publisher eligibility standards in place enables us to provide and guarantee advertisers and advertising agencies a premium destination to market their products. Although we may change our publisher eligibility from time to time, we pretty much look for;

  • Theme of the site must strictly be related to food, wine or beer
  • Have strong US, UK, Australian, Canadian or NZ audiences.
  • Must be actively creating rich and highly engaging content
  • Attract over 5,000 monthly page views
  • Ideally operate on its own top-level domain like (not free hosted)
  • Be written in English
  • Have advertisements above the fold
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Gourmet Ads is a food advertising network which helps brands reach the grocery buyer online through premium and high visibility ad solutions on a CPM basis.


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