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Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads can be created in either Flash or HTML

Imagine being able to control and change the entire content, messaging or call to action of a display campaign in just a few minutes. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that fresh creative as part of a campaign significantly increases click through and engagement rates.

Dynamic Ads are generally created in Flash or HTML and instead of the content being written into the files, the content is sourced from a server live or cached. The content could be fed into the ad by a RSS feed or there are some companies specializing in creating and developing dynamic ads.

Developing a creative execution paired together with consumer behaviour in the form of cookies could significantly increase sales. For example Amazon has been using dynamic ads for years, integrating products you’ve looked at into their ad units. Adding in both to behavioural data, Geo Targeting data could also be applied to the add.

Dynamic Ads sound great but what are some practical uses or examples?

  • Supermarkets could publish today’s special together with a product photo
  • ecommerce sites could publish today’s product of the day
  • Airlines and hotels could publish a hot vacation deal or cheap flight of the day
  • Your brands Twitter conversation (as above)
  • Sponsors of sports games like Superbowl or Football World Cup could publish the score in real time
  • TV stations could publish what’s on tonight’s line up
  • News companies could publish the current headlines
  • Restaurant chains could advertise todays specials

One of the creative developers we like is a Spongecell. They develop interactive creative that can combine video, social network and other engagement points.

As you can see the ideas are endless and are really only limited by your imagination. The team at Gourmet Ads can help develop dynamic ads from concept to reality and deliver them to our audience of highly engaged grocery buyers.

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