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Driving a Social Audience

Driving a Social Audience

Is your Brand Driving a Social Audience ?

Most brands (particularly food and wine brands) these days have developed or are in the process of developing their social networking strategy. Some will opt for a Facebook Page others will use Twitter, while others will opt to develop their own platform. Irrespective of the platform, how are you driving a relevant audience to your social networking environment?

For some it might feel foreign to drive traffic to a social networking page which you don’t actually own, but these platforms allow you to engage deeper with your audience of consumers. These people are your brand ambassadors. Think about this audience of people as your social audience. Simply by them adding your brand to their profile is an endorsement of your product. Over 22 million people have added the Coke Cola page to their Facebook profile which is the largest of any brand.

So how can Gourmet Ads build your social audience ?

There are two stages we would recommend as part of the development of any social networking strategy.

  1. The first is running a wide reaching ad campaign with creative encouraging them to join or follow your page. If budget allows the creative could even draw in the current conversation on the social networking page allowing the audience to engage by default. This initial burst will quickly bump up the numbers which will help from a viral aspect. It gets the ball rolling.

  3. Prior to the initial burst of activity we would provide a beacon which would need to be installed on your site. This simple Javascript drops a cookies for people that visit your site. Then we would run a longer campaign aimed at only people that have visited your site. The conversation rate for this campaign will be much higher than the initial burst, but will of course be lower in terms of the people because the funnel is smaller.

The key to a successful social networking is the creative, and where possible including a dynamic type aspect will certainly help get the audience engaged with your conversation straight away. Advertising Creative developed by Spongecell does a great job of building in links to social networking sites.

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