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Driving Coffee Bean Sales

Driving Coffee Bean Sales

Online Advertising Drives Coffee Bean Sales

Advertising coffee beans is a little trickier than marketing many other products. With the increased demand for fine beans, the only way to market coffee beans is to convince customers that you provide the best coffee on the market. The good news is that with a smart online advertising plan, everyone from grocery stores to specialty coffee companies can drive their coffee bean sales to new and more profitable levels.

Americans drink more than three hundred million cups of coffee each day, with the vast majority of those cups being brewed at home. That’s why sales of coffee beans in grocery stores and coffee specialty shops are such a profitable area. While some customers prefer to purchase the least expensive ground coffee they can find at the supermarket, there is a booming market among coffee connoisseurs who either purchase very high quality ground coffee or purchase whole bean coffee that they grind at home.

In general, there are six major forces driving the coffee bean market, and each is a niche that you can appeal to with the right marketing;

  • Fair Trade Coffee
    Fair trade coffee is beans which are purchased directly from growers at a higher price than other beans. Coffee drinkers are drawn to fair trade beans due to the responsible social and labor practices involved.
  • Blend Coffee
    Blend coffees are combinations of different beans designed to give the drinker a specific taste experience, and are often among the favorites of grocery store shoppers.
  • Origin Coffee
    Origin coffee is a specific type of estate grown coffee, and can be compared to wine in terms of what consumers expect. Coffee Beans are named for where they are grown and can be from a single estate grower or a small region.
  • Type Coffee
    Type coffee refers to coffees grown in a specific region, such as Arabica or Robusta coffee. Many coffee drinkers enjoy beans from a specific area.
  • Decaf Coffee
    Decaf beans are a niche market that appeals to those who enjoy the taste of coffee without the caffeine, including those with specific health concerns. Decaf is also a preferred after dinner choice for many drinkers.
  • Grind Coffee
    This specialty coffee appeals to the most discerning coffee drinkers, especially those who own their own equipment for grinding and brewing coffee. Espresso, drip, and percolating coffee machines use grind coffee.

Foodies are a ideal target market for driving Coffee bean sales

Finally, your online coffee bean advertising must be targeted to the type of customer who purchases high quality coffee beans, which are grocery buyers. Gourmet Ads not only reaches online grocery buyers, but we have a number of specialty coffee bean websites who have audiences ideally suited for fine purchasing coffee beans online.

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