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Dont Buy just the Homepage

Dont Buy just the Homepage

A few years back if you wanted to advertise on the homepage of a site you’d get great value for your advertising spend because everyone who entered a website went via the homepage. These days, for most websites and blogs the homepage is just another page on the site. Ask any publisher their top content pages, and most will say the homepage barely stays in their top ten content pages.

Why is this the case? Because as the internet becomes much more efficient, users are directed to relevant destinations on websites and not homepages. Think about it yourself when you last did a search for something specific, did you get taken to the homepage or the relevant page in relation to your search term? For the majority of websites this is very much the case with users arriving via a search query in a search engine. Apart from search engine traffic, people are directed to specific pages using all types links on the internet. There’s direct links in advertising, widgets, email newsletters, social bookmarking, viral campaigns, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and more.

So how can this affect your media planning and media buying? Well it means that if you’re undertaking a campaign for Over the Page Advertising, Sponsorship or Interstitials then instead of buying the homepage you should be buying the first impression on a site. This way you have greater reach, than if you had just bought the homepage. You can make a branding impact initially to everyone that visits a site, then using roadblock advertising or sequential advertising you can capture the click on the 3rd or 4th page impression.


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