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Display Ads Trigger Search

Display Ads Trigger Search

Lots of Evidence to show that Display Ads initiate Search Queries.

Last week one of our clients running a food advertising campaign with regular display advertising units commented to me that they were seeing a significant jump in the website reports indicating that people were searching the messaging used in the creative of their latest online advertising campaign. The client was obviously pleasantly shocked that this was happening and subsequently asked us to provide a written response their next management meeting that;

  1. Provide insight to why occurs
  2. How they can leverage off this immediately and gain more traffic to their landing page /website
  3. Suggest ideas for their next campaign and how it can be trafficked.

What has happened to our clients is simply nothing but brand advertising. The creative for this campaign has been successful in capturing our audience’s attention, then burning the messaging into their mind for future recall.

When preparing the report for our client (which I must point out doesn’t use an advertising agency) I did some searches on the net and found this article titled “50 Percent of Internet Users Perform Searches in Response to Online Ads”.

The article is based on research which found that Internet users initially respond to online display advertising as follows;

  • 31 percent respond by directly clicking on an ad;
  • 27 percent respond by searching for the product, brand or company by conducting a search on a search engine;
  • 21 percent respond by typing the company Web address into their browsers and directly navigating to the Web site; and
  • 9 percent respond by investigating the product, brand or company through social media venues.

Are you running Display Ads to drive brand awareness ?

What I liked about the article was the suggestions that marketers can do to take action. With action points in mind, this is what we suggested for our client;

  1. For every advertising campaign create a page or blog which could be titled the same as the messaging in the advertising creative. Be sure to include the various creative on the page together with text about the creative, what the campaign is about. Make sure you provide clear and easy to find links to the landing page which is the same or mirrored for the display campaign.
  2. With nearly 25% of internet users who respond to online display advertising do so by typing the company or brand name, make sure your company and brand ranks number in all the popular search engines. For people that won’t search for the messaging, this is the 2nd best way of leveraging off your display advertising.
  3. If you undertake search engine marketing, then ensure that the messaging used in the display campaign is also run in your search campaigns. Once again maximizing the opportunity for engagement.
  4. Setup social media profiles on all the popular platforms. This is once again a great place to mention the advertising messaging, driving consumers back to your site.
  5. Use online reputation management to identify when your company name or brand has been mentioned on a website or in social media. Consumers may even mention your ad campaign in social media. This is a great opportunity to engage with your consumer.
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