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Display Ads Build Brands for Marketers

Display Ads Build Brands for Marketers

Are you running online display ads to create your brand ?

Advertising via online display ads has long been established as an extremely effective way to increase brand awareness, draw in new customers and to educate consumers about certain products. As Gourmet Ads has been in the industry for many years and have been using online display ads for just as long, we know a thing or two about the importance of online display ads and how they can affect advertising campaigns.

Many people have questioned the use of online display ads, but the effectiveness has long been demonstrated by Gourmet Ads. Online Display ads can come in various forms, but most commonly can appear as web banners on various webpages. Gourmet Ads supports various banner formats and this type of advertising has been a proven way of generating click throughs to affiliated sites.

Click throughs and conversions are obviously a major part of advertising campaigns and are a great way for directing consumers to different sites whilst making money. However, beyond this, Gourmet Ads online display ads are crucial for the branding of products. Branding is vital in terms of customers indentifying goods and to be able to tell one company from the next.

Online display ads with Gourmet Ads can therefore help set your apart from the rest. If branding is all about standing out and establishing yourself as a unique company, let Gourmet Ads help you create your identity.

Evidence asserting that online display ads are very effective in creating a brand identity

When it comes to branding, we will often find that ‘the more exposure the better’ is usually the case. Volvo recently ran a study testing the impact of multi-screen advertising and the effect is had on consumers. Out of those who were only exposed to the Volvo advert on television, 50% could remember seeing it. Those that were exposed to the advert on TV, PC, tablet and smartphone however could recall seeing the ad at a rate of 74%.

The results from this case study are clear – the more a product or brand is exposed, the more effective the branding and the more likely consumers are to remember your product. Connecting with the right customer at the right time, emotionally engaging them and then measuring all the analytics is something that is best achieved through the use of online display ads.

Gourmet Ads supports a very wide range of advertising campaigns and provides platforms for display ads and pre roll video ads too. By offering these to you, Gourmet ads can help create a more effective advertising campaign with online display ads for your brand which ultimately will not only increase brand awareness and attract new customers, it will also educate your potential consumers about your range of products as well.

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