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Do you have a strategy when developing your Creative Advertising Artwork ?

At Gourmet Ads, we’re loading up and sending advertising campaigns live everyday. One of the most common things we see is poorly designed advertising creative. What I mean is that it’s either poorly designed from a creative perspective or the messaging isn’t that clear and straight to the point. Both of which can have a negative effect on the ultimate performance of a campaign.

It’s unfortunate but sometimes advertising agencies and food companies spend more time on researching where they are going to buy media placements, than the advertising creative. In fact many of the advertising agencies we deal with only perform the media planning and buying part of the campaign after another agency has done the creative. At the end of the day a well designed advertisement with clear messaging will perform in a closely related environment, but what we know is, bad creative won’t perform.

Creative Advertising Tips

So here are some things to think about from a creative aspect next time your running a food advertising campaign;

Have your advertising designed by a professional
Many small and medium sized businesses try and design their own ads in Photoshop or attempt to use Flash. But having your ads designed by a professional will make a huge difference and a set of three ads isn’t expensive. We often help agencies who are on limited budgets get their creative done.

Have a Creative Advertising Brief
Advertising agencies specialize in developing the messaging, story board and design and present this as a complete Creative Advertising Brief. But if you don’t have an agency, you’ll need to develop these for the design team to use. Any professional creative design team will require a brief in order to move forward. If you need a Creative Advertising Brief template, just contact us and we’ll send you our template.

Messaging including Call to Actions
One of the most important aspects with advertising creative is to have a clear message with calls to action. Tell the audience what they need to do in order to engage (eg “Click Here” or “Roll Over for Coupon”) with the advertising. If your goal is to have a high click through rate (CTR) then say click here. Don’t just expect the audience to know how to engage. Before heading to design, make sure you test the messaging with your target audience. This can help re-doing your creative or having terrible campaign reports.

Size limits on creative
It’s important to note that the smaller the file size the quicker the ad will load on the audience’s website. At Gourmet Ads we can take creative up to 100k in size; however we recommend keeping the file size down to 40k-50k which will ensure that it loads fast.

Finally, Gourmet Ads works with a design team who used to work on US President Barak Obama’s online campaign as well as automotive and entertainment clients. I’m constantly surprised by the output from this team together with the creative being design on time and on budget. No surprises.

If you need creative designed for your next campaign, please contact us and we’ll provide a quote for your Creative Advertising.

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