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CPG Marketing Going Online

CPG Marketing Going Online

Online Advertising is starting to be used for CPG Marketing

The other day I stumbled over an interesting quote which I found interesting; “To date, most CPG marketers have been reluctant to move a significant portion of their marketing budgets online because the internet is not a primary sales channel for their products,” said Carolina Petrini, SVP of consumer packaged goods solutions at comScore. “However, many brands have found success by attracting a wide audience online through effective promotions and site activities that appeal to consumers’ lifestyles.”

She later went on to say, “Savvy brand marketers are beginning to understand the importance of the online channel as a means of engaging consumers, which will ultimately lead to offline sales,” She couldn’t be more right. CPG marketing experts are finally realizing the importance of keeping their brand in front of consumers and that a large majority of them, especially the main grocery buyer, spend more time online than they do in front of traditional media like the TV.

Since the main grocery buyer is usually a woman and oftentimes a busy mother, she doesn’t sit down during television commercials even if she does watch TV. What she will do, however, is look for new recipe ideas online to feed the family. CPG Marketing Ads that are placed right next to these recipes are a much better way to keep your brand in front of your consumer so that they will think of them when they head to the grocery store.

Modern consumers lead busy lives and many have become conditioned to ignore commercial advertising on TV or even TiVo it right out of existence, but online recipe ads have a way of complimenting the consumers experience, because they really do want to know what brand to buy—they just want to decide when to think about it rather than having it forced on them during their favourite television programs.

CPG marketing experts are finally realizing the importance of keeping their brand in front of consumers

Advertising your CPG products next to recipe ads online means giving them your message when they are most receptive to it—right before they head to the grocery store which makes Gourmet Ads the ideal platform for advertising your consumer packaged goods.

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