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CPG Brands on the Grocery Lists

CPG Brands on the Grocery Lists

Targeted ad campaigns to boost sales for CPG brands

Unfortunately, due to the economic slump, grocery buyers have recently been purchasing generic forms of most grocery items; meaning CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) items are not receiving as many sales as there were a few years back. However, thanks to rightly targeted ad campaigns, CPG brands are making their way back onto shopping lists.

CPG brands are fast moving grocery items catering to more impulse buys and brand establishment. By incorporating CPG brands in recipe widgets, we can increase their listing abilities. Widgets are basically codes which you use and tailor to suit your user’s needs. Instead of default settings, you can add CPG widgets to your recipe webpage or blog to help users navigate easily and find the product more easily too. By using recipe widgets, the consumer is more likely to feel a connection to your brand – after all, you have introduced “convenient” grocery shopping. Rather than sitting and writing out lists, our technological advances now allow us to use these widgets on a variety of devices, from smartphones to tablets and let the consumer select products with just one click.

Advertising CPG brands on the Gourmet Ads network can help in creating strong brand identities so that these CPG brands can actually become part of the written grocery lists for consumers. The Gourmet Ads network reaches out to food enthusiasts, both home cooks and professionals all over the world, and it is with this in mind that your ad campaign can reach more and more people, increasing awareness of both your product and brand.

Increasing brand awareness for CPG brands increases impulse sales

Rather than targeting irrelevant customers, Gourmet Ads uses geo targeting to ensure that your ad campaign can reach your ideal demographic in a certain location or multiple locations. By targeting consumers according to their respective geographical location, you are more likely to yield more results for the advertising campaigns and create even stronger branding for products.

Almost 95% of grocery buyers write a grocery list before going shopping. This means that most shoppers will already have made their decisions about which products to buy before they even go online or enter the store. However, using technologies, widgets and platforms such as Gourmet Ads to help you establish your brand, you can introduce newer and more fun ways of creating lists and doing a seemingly laborious task such as grocery shopping.

By establishing your brand and increasing awareness of your CPG brands in your ad campaign, you are more likely to encourage buyers to reach for your product on the shelf. By creating awareness of your CPG brands and letting consumers know about your products, you can create a feeling of trust, and will therefore increase the likelihood of them selecting your product – CPG brands they can trust.

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