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Coupons Benefit Retailers

Coupons Benefit Retailers

Most people think that discount coupons only benefit consumers, but actually Grocery Coupons benefit retailers and here’s why. There’s no doubt about it – our world has changed and the current economic climate seems to be in a downward spiral. With all the massive lay-offs, decrease in income and reduced buying trends, businesses are suffering while individuals are looking for creative ways to save money. So, if you’re a retailer or grocery chain owner or manager, you have probably felt the decrease in buying patters and desperately want to improve your bottom line.

Well, the good news is that now you can by catering to these coupon-clipping enthusiasts and making coupons a valued part of your advertising strategy, you can help your customers save money by encouraging them to buy and use coupons.

Your first step is to understand why people use coupons. Many individuals who use coupons are middle class individuals that are concerned about their family’s financial future. They aren’t necessarily in any kind of financial distress, they’re just smart and savvy shoppers. They use those coupons published online to capture the thrill of savvy shopping and enjoy the thrill of those one-of-a-kind deals be in groceries. For instance, over 35 million people have visited coupon sites this past year to search for coupons.

Next, coupons get people to the store and once you have them within your reach, you can use other advertising techniques to get them to buy more. Plus, the really strange thing is that most individuals don’t mind a bit because the item was “such a good deal” or simply something that was “too good to pass up.” For instance, let’s say Mary comes to your grocery store to purchase a gallon of milk with her store coupon and expects to pay $1.99. Well, once she gets to the store, she realizes that cereal is on sale and so is bread for individuals that purchase 2 gallons of milk. She then purchases five more sale items when she simply came into the store for one gallon of milk. Might sound strange but this is happening all around the globe. Savvy retailers are using coupons and other advertising strategies to squeeze more money out of their shoppers.

Offering coupons benefits retailers because they can cater to the savvy customer, they can increase their bottom line with upsells and other offers. In essence, it gets the customer into the door so that they can use other advertising strategies on them. After all, everyone loves being able to spend less for more, and they don’t feel they was scammed into buying something totally useless. After all, they got a good deal – and what could be better than that?


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