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Cookies and Online Retailers

Cookies and Online Retailers

Cookies are used by Online Retailers for all types of Tracking

Online consumers have become increasingly smart and increasingly picky about the products they research and buy online. Most customers will spend a significant amount of time researching products before they make a purchase, and many customers are open to using different websites to make their purchases if they see a better deal. The challenge for retailers is how to target their advertising to the customers who are most likely to make purchases from that retailer. That’s where our technology comes in – by using behavioral targeting and retargeting to put your site in front of the consumers who are most likely to buy.

Behavioral targeting can be used in numerous ways to give visitors to any site a personalized and relevant experience. We use cookies as a way to collect information about users without requiring the user to input information and without accessing any private information. Cookies are used by all kinds of websites for many reasons– such as tracking session information, maintaining site preferences, and keeping items in online shopping carts. Information contained in cookies does not identify the individual user, so you can be sure that your customer’s privacy is maintained, an important consideration for many users.

Imagine being able to release a television ad that was only seen by people wanting to by your product, right when they wanted to buy it. That is exactly the concept of behavioral targeting. When a customer visits your website, information about the things they have been shopping for is automatically collected in the form of cookies. That information is used to help load advertisements that relate to those items, turning a browser into a buyer by giving them the information they are looking for when they are looking for it. There are a number of ways that we can get your message in front of the right customers using behavioral targeting. For example, say that a potential customer visits the manufacturer’s site for a particular brand of small kitchen appliance. Gourmet Ads can track this visit, and then display an advertisement featuring that product on your website. Thus increasing the likelihood the consumer will purchase the product.

The problem with most traditional methods of advertising (say television or radio) is that they are essentially a guessing game, throwing your ad in front of visitors and hoping that they will connect the dots offline. Using technologies like behavioral targeted (also retargeting and sequential advertising) is the best way of making your advertising dollars work. Essentially, you are improving the odds that the people who see your advertisement are interested in buying your product. Behavioral targeting can be used not only to display certain advertisements at certain times, but also to offer specials and savings to customers who are likely to take advantage of those offers. For example, if a customer is searching through several sites looking for the best deal on a new mixer, offering free shipping or pointing out your rebate offer on new mixers can provide a significant benefit to your customer as well as increasing sales.

Cookies are the backbone of Behavioral Targeting and Retargeting

The combination of behavioral targeting and an ad campaign designed to turn shoppers into buyers can make your advertising dollars go farther. Gourmet Ads helps retailers market to the right customers at the right time by designing ad campaigns designed to make the shopping experience as personalized as possible. Cookies are the backbone of Behavioral Targeting and Retargeting.

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