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Conversion Rate Tools

Conversion Rate Tools

Are you measuring your Conversion Rate ?

Many of Gourmet Ads advertisers are online stores who sell anything from gourmet foods through to kitchen cookware or even wine. Our advertising campaigns drive highly relevant traffic to their online stores where a percentage of the traffic convert and buy something. Understanding what contributes to an online sale is extremely important.

Recently the team over at Conversion Rate Experts, published an article about called 14 free tools that reveal why people abandon your website. The article provides a review on Conversion Rate Tools that can help you understand your visitors, where they come from, what pages they visit and where they leave your site. All important information. If you can increase the conversion rate on your shopping cart by just 1% it means you’ll be increasing you’re overall revenue. Once you know the numbers required, its just a matter of generating more relevant traffic.

Conversion Rate Tools help you understand your visitors and where they come from

So if you run an online store, then 14 free tools that reveal why people abandon your website is essential reading.

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