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Contextual Advertising

Undertake Contextual Advertising Campaigns with Gourmet Ads

Contextual advertising is one of the “buzz words” in internet marketing. With major search providers and contextual advertising networks offering contextual advertising, many people have begun wondering how they can use this method to their benefit. You may be surprised to find out that Gourmet Ads has been using contextual advertising for a long time – our contextual ads appear on the pages of websites that are members of our advertising network. The question is how deep do you need to go with your contextual advertising. Understanding the content of our pages and the personality of our readers allows us to place your advertising in front of customers who are the most likely to act upon it.

Businesses know that to get the most from online marketing, they need to not only get their ad in front of viewers, they have to get their ad in front of the right viewers. Contextual advertising with Gourmet Ads provides a number of ways to do just that. Advertising on the Gourmet Ads vertical network means that you know that the sites your ads appear on will be related to food, will have customers who enjoy reading about food and entertaining, and you will have the ability to create truly targeted marketing.

Contextual advertising provides many of the things that advertisers are looking for in terms of finding the right place to display their ads. Prices are based on how many ad impressions you get, and contextual advertising ensures that each one is a high quality impression. Even customers who do not click through will take notice of your ad, building your brand name and reputation up. Contextual advertising with Gourmet Ads isn’t limited to just banner ads. You can use video content, interactive ads, or alternative forms of advertising on most of our sites, and we will find the sites that work best with what you have to sell.

Contextual Advertising with Gourmet Ads can also be Geo Targeted

Contextual advertising with Gourmet Ads offers you a way to reach customers who were not already looking for your company by interpreting what they are looking at to determine who will be most interested in your product. While Gourmet Ads offers contextual advertising in terms of the subject matter that is posted, we also offer you the ability to show your ads to customers in a specific geographic location, making your advertising even more targeted. This is ideal for advertisers who serve a limited geographic area and customers such as grocery stores, kitchen goods retailers, restaurants, gourmet foods retailers, and anyone else with a specific geographic location.  Displaying your ad to customers in a specific geographic region ensures that each ad impression you get.

Gourmet Ads offers two forms of Contextual Advertising ;

  1. We place your advertising next to recipe and food content ( we only work with food and recipe style sites ) thus providing high relevancy
  2. We place your advertising on search results pages on and other similar styled sites. So when people are searching for say “broad beans” readers might see an advertisement for frozen peas or simialr.

Gourmet Ads offers other types of contextual advertising as well. For example, Gourmet Ads’ retargeting program will display your ad to customers who have previously visited your site to help build brand awareness and keep your product in front of the right customer. Contextual advertising on the Gourmet Ads vertical network means placing your ad in the hands of customers who want to buy what you are selling. Let us help you place your advertising message in the right environment by taking advantage of contextual advertising and placing your ad on our network of sites.

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