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Consumers Buying Groceries Online

Consumers Buying Groceries Online

More consumers are turning to the Internet and Buying Groceries Online

As the online shopping trend continues to grow and ecommerce becomes more main stream, more consumers are turning to the internet to Buying Groceries Online. Traditional grocery stores as well as online-only retailers are taking advantage of this trend by offering consumers a wide range of grocery items with the convenience of having items delivered right to customers’ front doors.

The hectic schedules and busy lives of many of today’s families have made buying groceries online a smart, and sometimes invaluable, choice for people throughout the country. Due to the time and temperature sensitivities of grocery items like fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, and dairy, customers are turning to local grocers who offer online shopping which is then delivered direct to the home from the retailer. Consumers simply register with their local grocer, usually large chains like Safeway, Albertsons, and others, and then browse for food online. Chains normally offer a search feature that makes it easy for customers to find and compare prices on specific food items, or customers can browse through whole categories of food. Then, the customer adds the items they wish to purchase to their online cart, and enters payment information. The customer then has the option of coming to the store to pick up the items which are already bagged and ready to be loaded in the car, or of having the items delivered to his or her home (usually for an additional fee). Customers are able to purchase items online at the same prices offered in the store, and in some cases, are even able to apply coupons for certain items.

There is no doubt that grocery buyers are turning to the internet and buying groceries online  for two main reasons, both time and money. For families who purchase a significant amount of groceries each week, the primary house shopper in the house can easily spend as long as two hours searching for and purchasing items. Another problem faced by grocery shoppers is forgetting items that they must then return to the store to buy, costing additional time. With online grocery shopping, customers can usually start and stop an order at any time, so a family can add items to their online cart as needed, and then check out once a week or so when they need items delivered. Because shoppers are able to do their online grocery shopping at any time of day or night, it is easy to squeeze in shopping during a lunch break or while relaxing at the end of the day, a convenience that many shoppers are willing to pay extra for.

Consumers find that online shopping does save them money, even when there is a fee attached to online purchasing. Customers are able to compare items in seconds by looking at similar items on a web page and purchasing the ones that work best for them. For example, a customer can look side by side comparisons of store and national brands of a particular vegetable in canned and fresh forms and decide which one is the best deal. In a store, fresh and canned vegetables are normally located in separate areas of the store, which would require a customer to walk back and forth to find the best deal. Customers who shop online appear to be just as likely as brick and mortar customers to make impulse purchases, especially of sale items.

Buying Groceries Online is a Real Time Saver

Another time saver that is that makes buying groceries online favorable compared to heading to the bricks and mortar supermarket is that grocery buyers can create and save a standard order for regular use. Ie they can setup a weekly grocery shop and have this delivered every week.

From an advertising perspective, supermarkets and grocery stores can use web beacons within their online grocery buying application to undertake retargeting and behavioral targeting driving consumers back to their site. In addition, using daypart targeting supermarket advertisers could target consumers that buy groceries on a Monday, advertising to them Sunday and Monday. Making the advertising highly relevant to the audience of grocery buyers.

For retailers, now is the time to take advantage of this trend to expand their business and attract new customers. Consumers buying groceries online is a trend that is likely to increase as more customers realize that purchasing food through an online service is a fast and economical process.

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