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How are you Advertising Consumer Packaged Goods ?

Unlike other stores, the products sold by supermarkets and grocers are considered Consumer Packaged Goods, or CPGs.  Also known ac FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods outside of North America), these products are purchased frequently by customers, are inexpensive, and don’t require much purchase planning. For retailers, these are products that they sell in high volume; buy from large distribution networks, and for which there is a high stock turnover rate. Groceries are a perfect example of these goods, and the marketing rules that apply to these products are different from those of other, longer lasting goods.

Consumer Packaged Goods include everything from perishable goods (produce, meat, dairy) to staple items (dry cereal, noodles, canned food) and household products (paper towels, laundry detergent, etc). Manufacturers of these products understand the short shelf life of such products, and they are constantly aware of the need to get new products on the shelf. Manufacturers also understand that they are facing a high level of competition and that they need to support their products through advertising and promotion in order to influence consumer buying decisions. Consumer Packaged Goods generally have a relatively low profit margin per item, and so manufacturers rely on high volume sales in order to make a profit. Every sale counts, and the more loyal customers that a brand can generate, the more likely they are to see large profits.

Consumer Packaged Goods Advertising to Reach Consumers On Target

For these reasons, the key to successful sales of CPGs is creating a powerful brand identity that will ensure customers keep coming back to your product.  Creating a strong brand identity means that you have a loyal following of shoppers who turn to your brand again and again, even when it is not the least expensive or easiest to find. The changes in the economy have sent many customers on a search for cheaper food items, which is why creating a strong brand is more important than ever.  It also means that the traditional methods of reaching customers are no longer enough to build and maintain the loyal shopper following that keeps a brand profitable in the long run.

The most important tool for creating a strong brand in today’s market is the internet. Online advertising has become more valuable than any other type of advertising- market research consistently shows that today’s shoppers are turning to the internet for coupons, recipe ideas, and for information about products they are considering buying.  Whether you are a small brand that operates in a specific region or a large brand that is found in most supermarkets, Gourmet Ads can increase the number of consumers who see your product before they ever enter a store. Gourmet Ads offers CPG manufacturers the opportunity to market their products directly to the people who buy CPGs.  Our audience is made up of the primary household shoppers and food preparers, the very same people who regularly purchase CPGs  Gourmet Ads can help you manage your online advertising campaign to help put your ads in front of the right people.  Changes in the shopping habits of consumers have created an opportunity for manufacturers to build brand loyalty for Consumer Packaged Goods by developing a strong online presence that appeals to the needs of today’s shoppers.

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