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Comscore & Vertical Ad Networks

Comscore & Vertical Ad Networks

Vertical Ad Networks Reach Engaged, Targeted Audiences

This week comScore in the US released a press release on the Rapid Emergence of Vertical Ad Networks Reaching Engaged, Targeted Audiences. The study discusses how vertical advertising networks such as Gourmet Ads has substantially grown in the past year, from 21.5 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience in March 2008 to 57.1 percent in March 2009.

“comScore research indicates that vertical ad networks are a growing phenomenon in the online advertising space, in part because of their ability to deliver engaged, targeted audiences,” said Lesle Litton, VP, Media at comScore. “As more vertical ad networks prove their ability to effectively reach specific target audiences by aggregating mid-tail publisher sites, the industry will likely give greater consideration to these emerging ad delivery channels.”

Probably the biggest key finding the study for us was the confirmation that vertical ad networks were effective in reaching people with significantly higher than average engagement in their respective content categories. We’ve seen this internally through campaign metrics and reports, that when advertising campaigns are closely aligned with the content of the Gourmet Ads network the engagement rates are far higher than when not closely related.

Gourmet Ads is a Food Vertical Ad Networks

One reason for continued engagement rates is that we editorially select sites for quality content and work closely with our partner sites in terms of above the fold, providing the ultimate environment to run an advertising campaign. Gourmet Ads continues to build our unique audience, which is largely duplicated and from this week’s release by comScore we’re on the right track.

To read the full release about Vertical Ad Networks by comScore visit

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