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Competing with Major Brands Online

Competing with Major Brands Online

It can be easy for a smaller company to assume that they will never be able to truly compete with the big brand names online. There is no doubt that the big companies are going to be able to outspend on display advertising on popular websites, but is this type of spending something that small companies should envy? Would it create results for them even if they could afford it? The likely answer is no. The best strategy for a smaller company is to target a particular niche and then focus your advertising campaign on them.

Take for example a small food company. It doesn’t make sense to try to compete with a major brands like Nestle, General Mills or Campbell’s by placing ads on sites that have nothing to do with food. This tactic works for the big boys because they have the budget to throw their nets out wide and see what they can pull in. But for the small food company a more narrow focus is much more cost effective. Placing ads on sites featuring recipes or ingredients where the grocery buyer is highly likely to see them makes a lot more sense.

Gourmet Ads can develop an advertising campaign that will drive interest in your products with a relevant audience of grocery buyers. We’ll provide smaller food companies the same targeting technologies that the large companies use each and every day. Contact us for more information.

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