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Companion Ads with Pre Roll Ads

Companion Ads with Pre Roll Ads

When running a pre roll, mid roll or post roll video advertising campaign with Gourmet Ads, advertisers can run a 300×250 ad unit as a companion ad on the publishers website. Companion Ads can be run on both linear and non-linear advertising is displayed within the publisher’s player.

For those that don’t know, the main purpose of running Companion Ads is to offer sustained visibility for the advertiser throughout the video content experience. So even when the video advertisement has finished and the publisher’s content is playing the advertiser is given visibility and the opportunity to click on the advert.

Companion Ads may offer click-through interactivity and rich media experiences such as expansion of the ad for further engagement opportunities. Not many people know that when a video advertise is playing that the video itself can be clicked, which is why it’s important to serve a 300×250 companion ad along side. By adding the companion to a campaign, we’ve seen them improve the click through rate of campaigns.

Gourmet Ads Video Advertising can help deliver your message and brand to our audience. Across our platform we can run simple 15 second pre roll, through to 30 second pre roll, mid roll and post roll with 300×250 companions.

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