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Columbus Day Advertising

Columbus Day Advertising

Create a unique strategy for Columbus Day Advertising to promote sales

Chances are, you learned the rhyme “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” when you were in school.  While Columbus Day advertising may not seem like a major marketing opportunity, the holiday has some hidden attributes that can help you advertise your products.  The holiday has been in existence for more than two hundred years, and October 12 was declared Columbus Day by President Roosevelt in 1937.  Observance of Columbus day has since been changed to the second Monday in October, making it one of those late fall holidays that many people look forward to as a break from the work week.

To take advantage of this somewhat obscure holiday, you’ll need to come up with a unique and clever marketing strategy that will help customers get in the mood to shop.  Since Columbus Day is not a traditional gift-giving holiday, you’ll want to appeal to other customers who are looking for a great fall deal.  The timing of Columbus Day makes it perfect for introducing customers to an end of year product line up.  For example, many automotive dealerships use the holiday to announce specials on cars that will soon be replaced with newer models.  Since many people are granted the day off work on Columbus Day yet have no holiday plans, it’s a great time to get them out and shopping.  If you’re considering launching a Columbus Day advertising campaign, consider some of the following ideas:

  • Try creating a campaign based around “discovery”.  You can try sales that offer the customer to “discover” savings of a certain amount, or even a coupon in store with a surprise savings amount.  You can also offer customers the chance to “discover” your product- this works well for new food items as well as other goods.
  • Consider holding an end-of-season event near Columbus Day.  Customers are expecting sales for the holiday, and advertising something like a Columbus Day sidewalk sale, tent event, or other special sale event is often enough to get customers to your store.  Retail chains can use this event not only to reduce stock of certain goods, but as an opportunity to catch the eye of customers who will soon be completing holiday shopping.
  • Because Columbus Day is so close to Halloween, the long weekend can also be an ideal time to attract Halloween shoppers.  Retailers may want to advertise costumes, treats, or anything else that may attract Halloween buyers during this period.
  • October is an ideal month for many fall goods, including produce.  Columbus Day is a great time to offer specials that take advantage of the fall harvest, and sales offered over the long weekend can be geared toward these items.  A recipe booklet offering tips for cooking with these items makes a perfect Columbus Day giveaway.

Columbus Day advertising can boost sales with fall shoppers

The idea of a three day weekend is often enough to encourage consumers to get out and shop.  The goal of creating a Columbus Day advertising campaign is to get these customers in front of your products.  Let us help you design a marketing strategy for an effective Columbus day advertising that will help you bring in these fall shoppers.

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