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Cocktail Widgets

Cocktail Widgets

We’ve previously talked about how food companies can use Recipe Widgets to educate consumers about how to use their food products in meals. Many recipe widgets allow consumers to read and print recipes or even watch videos within the widget. So taking this same approach, companies that market and advertise alcoholic beverages or spirits can do the same by creating a Cocktail Widget.

Unless you’ve worked in a cocktail bar, most people only know a handful of cocktail recipes and most have no clue on what they could create. Depending on your focus and obviously your product, a Cocktail Widget could simply present a database of cocktails together with photos and videos and allow users to choose a cocktail and print it from the widget. Or the widget could present a random cocktail of the day. The ideas are endless and all can provide significant branding for your alcoholic beverages or spirits.

Working together with your marketing staff, Gourmet Ads can not only help develop the widget, but our team can distribute your cocktail widget through our network of sites providing instant reach for your brand online. Add to this our audience will be inline with your target demographics as well.

If you’re interested in either developing a cocktail widget or seeking to have your existing widget distributed via our highly targeted audience, then Gourmet Ads can help.

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