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Co-Branding Examples

Co-Branding Examples

Co-Branding Examples which have embraced this effective trend

We’ve written previously about Co-Branding Advertising, so we thought we’d support that blog with a few Co-Branding Examples.

There are many co-branding examples following this important advertising trend, and a number of companies have successfully employed the technique to promote their brand, build brand awareness, and attract new customers. If you have ever considered using this method, the following are five co branding examples that can show you how well the method works:

  • Starbucks’ partnership with home-coffee company Tassimo has led to increased sales of Tassimo coffee and coffee makers by leveraging the power of the Starbucks brand. As with other co-branding examples, the partnership provides benefits to both companies. Starbucks is able to create a new product that increases total corporate revenues, and Tassimo maker Kraft improves product salience to their consumer.
  • The GE Profile Refrigerator has partnered with Culligan to provide filtered water to consumers. The partnership is ideal because it is a direct response to the needs of the marketplace and consumers who spend millions annually on filtered water products. The partnership allows GE to leverage its own strengths (providing mid-range to high-end kitchen appliances) while providing Culligan with a new market for it’s replacement filters.
  • Shoe giant Nike was one of the first companies to realize the value of co-branding, by pairing with beloved basketball star Michael Jordan in 1984 to create a line of shoes that remains one of the most popular in the industry.  Another benefit of co-branding is the ability for one company to introduce its products to followers of another brand – in this case, Nike was able to sell shoes simply because the Michael Jordan brand already had a loyal following that was willing to try anything the athlete endorsed.  The trend of athletes co-branding with food related businesses is still strong – George Foreman grills and Wheaties are just a few co-branding examples.
  • Fast food companies are another one of the co-branding examples that shows how a partnership can work to bring in new customers.  For example, there are a number of fast food restaurants that now share the same physical space as well as advertising together.  Pizza Hut and Taco Bell are one example of how two seemingly disparate products can create a strong partnership. Chicken restaurant KFC has partnered with A&W soda to create joint restaurants that feature a traditional KFC menu combined with A&W brand beverages and ice cream.
  • The trend of co-branding has also reached the cooking world, with pairings of favorite chefs and food and beverage manufacturers both large and small. For example, Naked Wines (founded by Rowan Gormley) has paired with “Naked Chef” Jamie Oliver to create a marketing plan that appeals to fans of the cooking show.  Cookware brands have also used co-branding examples to come up with marketing ideas, such as Paula Dean and Rachel Ray’s lines of cookware.

These Co-Branding Examples show the strong presence of co-branding in the market

There are many co branding examples that you may not have even noticed, but take a look around during your next trip to the grocery store.  Partnerships include Lay’s and KC Masterpiece, Coca Cola and Splenda, and Hershey’s chocolate in Betty Crocker cake mixes. These co-branding examples show that co-branding can help companies of all sizes, and you don’t have to limit yourself to products in your market, as companies such as Disney and McDonald’s or Nike and iPod prove.

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